Friday, November 20, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday Vol. 1


This is my first volume of 7 Quick Takes Friday. I'm not sure of the exact format, but judging by others' Quick Takes, it's seven short random tidbits. Am I correct? Or will these next six be complete butchering of 7 Quick Takes? :-)


I just got back from my shift as a "Night Angel" at NCYC. I have got to hand it to these youth group leaders, chaperons, and volunteers. A lot of hard work goes into this conference. They have put in countless hours and many sleepless nights to make this an enjoyable event for the youth. I felt like a weenie for being worn out for just working two and half hours! God bless you guys in your work to bring teens closer to Christ! I sure wish I would have went to events like this...maybe I wouldn't have had my "dark years."


While patrolling the halls at the hotel I noticed that all hotels smell the same. Well except the real cheapy roach-motels. They have a completely different smell all together!


I love being in the same room as my husband and brother-in-law. We always laugh so hard and have a great time. I miss the days when we all lived in Atchison and we'd watch "The Office", browse hilarious YouTube videos and grab a bite to eat at Subway. My husband and BIL have such a great relationship. I hope our future sons have a bond like that.


I've mentioned before how I love reading the blogs of mothers, especially stay at home Christian moms. However, I've been blessed to make two new blogging friends- That Married Couple and Fumbling Toward Grace. Both of these women have been somewhat recently married (to two amazing guys it sounds like!) and have many of the same goals, dreams, beliefs and values as I do. They are such and inspiration!


I used to take piano lessons when I was in junior high. I quit when I was a freshman because I was just too busy chasing boys, talking hours on the phone to my best friend even though we had seen each other all day at school, and...well just being a teen! My mom said I'd regret it someday and....*cringe* she was right. I've been having an itch to play again. Maybe in the future I can take adult piano lessons!


I love my Burt's Bees chapstick. I am getting sleepy and writing seven quick takes were a lot harder than I thought it would be. So yes, in an attempt to write a 7th, I looked at the closest thing next to me and that chapstick was it. So it got me thinking- I always have my Burt's with me. There's an extra in my purse, one on my bedside table and I always have one in my pocket or if no pocket is available- right next to me on a table. Such yummy and soothing chapstick!

Well that's all for now. I could have elaborated a little more on some, but my eyelids are getting heavy and I've corrected about a gazillion typos.

Please pray for those attending NCYC!


Gae said...

How lovely for you to find some like minded youg couples to share thoughts and ideas with.
I have enjoyed your 7 quick takes.
Mine are always a bit random too.
God Bless

That Married Couple said...

Yup, your Quick Takes look good to me! And good for you for volunteering!

Thanks for your sweet shout-out. I also love reading your blog! It's so nice to have other young married women to relate to - though it's still fun to read about the mommies and daydream! :)

I am also a chapstick addict. My husband is trying to get me to stop. While he has been able to wean me off it a bit, it is still constantly at my side!

Elizabeth Mahlou said...

It's never too late to study anything, including piano. I suggest that you go get those lessons now, while the itch is there. I find playing piano a wonderful way to wind down after a stressful day.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shout-out!! I really enjoy your blog too. I think we have a lot in common. :)

I am a chapstick addict too. I have been using blistex mint, but I recently found CO Bigelow mentha stick balm. I love it!

I hope you have a great weekend, friend. :)

Catholic Mutt said...

I loved your #7! I have done QT's a couple of times in the past, but a lot of times I don't for the simple fact that I run out of stuff to say, so the chapstick made me laugh.


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