Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Brace Yourselves... Lent is Coming.

Microbiology is killin' me y'all. Everyone told me it was difficult, and man... they weren't kidding! Usually I like to blog at least once a month... a 7 Quick Takes post or SOMETHING! I don't even have time to read any blogs. I don't know who is pregnant anymore or who has had their baby or what's going on!

I've also been busy getting my nursing school applications ready and turned in. Just last week I turned in my last application and I have to wait until June to see if I get in! I turned in my first application about a month and a half ago...so I've been checking the mail with nervous trepidation waiting for The Letter. So any prayers that God's will be done (and that I accept that will) would be appreciated!

I'm giving up Facebook for Lent. Like totally deactivating it so I'm not tempted to check it here or there. I'm spending far too much time seeing what Baby-Sitters Club character I am and not enough time doing homework and making sure my kids aren't starting small fires.

I hope to spend more time in prayer, more time working with Sam's OT issues and work with Joe on some preschool skills instead of being glued to The Book (Facebook... I need to be glued to The Good Book!) I want to have a meaningful Lent.

I hope you all have a very spiritually fulfilling Lent. Maybe someday I can find enough time to write again. I miss this ol' blog!

And because I haven't posted enough pictures of my two adorable kiddos in awhile-

His Game of Thrones name is Red Hand
Smilin' Sam

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